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Company History

Founded in 1996 by Nigel Bristow, Targeted Learning set out to be a research-grounded training and consulting firm. Nigel’s first major research project was a ground-breaking study that sought to answer the question, “Which people-management behaviors and practices are most highly correlated with long-term corporate financial performance?”

After analyzing data from over 1000 North American organizations, five people-management practices separated the top-performing companies from the rest:

  • DIRECTION: Expectations were communicated more clearly; people knew what was expected of them in terms of both behavior and performance.
  • ABILITY: People received more timely feedback and coaching; on-the-job learning was emphasized.
  • MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY: Managers did a better job of recognizing good performers and dealing with poor performers.
  • CLIMATE: People felt more encouraged to be innovative and try new things; employees felt that they had the authority they needed to do their jobs.
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Individual talents and interests were aligned with the business needs of the organization; people saw the company as a good place to build a career.

Capitalizing on these findings, Targeted Learning has since created several workshops to help organizations improve those management behaviors and practices that are most closely tied to bottom-line results.

Targeted Learning has continued this tradition of developing research-grounded training by investing in ongoing research. This research includes finding answers to questions such as:

  • What skills and behaviors differentiate top-performing individual contributors from their colleagues?
  • How do people prefer to be given feedback, and how can feedback be more effectively used to support learning and performance?
  • What are the goal-setting practices that drive exceptional accomplishment?
  • What organization practices and leadership behaviors drive employee engagement and retention?

By integrating over 20 years of research with decades of experience, Targeted Learning is at the forefront of development programs for some of the world’s most successful companies, including Boeing, ConocoPhillips and Monsanto.

We are so confident in the superior quality of Targeted Learning’s training that we offer a money-back guarantee.


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