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Back-Home Applications — Free Job Aids

We have developed a number of easy-to-use job aids and tools to help clients transfer our techniques from the classroom to the workplace. We want you to have access to some of our most popular Back-Home Application tools. You can learn about and download these tools below.

Personal After-Action Reviews

After-action reviews are not limited to major projects. Rather, they are reviews we can do after any work-related event. An event could be a key decision, an important one-on-one discussion, a group meeting, a workshop, a presentation, a report, a project handoff, a negotiation, a finished part, an installed piece of software, a repaired piece of equipment, or even a day’s work. This tool will help you quickly analyze the event and ensure that you have greater success in the future.

Five Keys to the Perfect Pitch

Have you ever tried to pitch a new proposal to a group of stakeholders? This tool will help you create a presentation that will prepare you no matter the size of the audience or the importance of the idea.

Getting to Know Your Strengths

In order to succeed at work you need to build on your strengths. But to build on your strengths, you need to know what they are. This tool will help you develop a clearer picture of your talents.

Writing SMART Business Goals and Ensuring Alignment

This Back-Home Application will help you develop SMART business goals and provide you with a thought process to align these goals with the needs of your team and organization.


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