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Where's the Gift? Using Feedback to Work Smarter, Learn Faster and Avoid Disaster

Why do only a few people truly excel? Some point to innate talent. Others suggest education. Research doesn’t support either. In Where's The Gift? you’ll discover the secret that few have learned: the ability to capitalize on feedback, in all its forms, will do more to drive success than IQ, education or talent will.

Trying to achieve world-class performance without feedback is like playing golf in a dense fog; it’s neither satisfying nor effective. Feedback lifts the fog and puts control back in our hands. Never fear feedback. Fear its absence. The goal of this book is to show you how to find the shortest path to world-class performance by finding the gift in all feedback.

Nigel J.A. Bristow & Michael-John Bristow
90 pages
Volume Discounts:

5-49 copies: $13.95 each
50-99 copies: $11.95 each
100-999 copies: $9.95 each
1,000-plus copies: $8.95 each
Where’s The Gift? is currently a pre-order. The book will be released and your order(s) will be shipped August 14th.


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