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Workshops and Services

98% of participants say they would recommend our workshops to others, and the above quote explains why.

Targeted Learning’s workshops are highly interactive and utilize proven concepts, real-world examples, thought-provoking case studies and powerful skill-building exercises. Participants create personal action plans and receive easy-to-use tools to help them transfer their learning from the classroom to the workplace.

The premise for all our workshops is that nothing truly great happens in any organization without a conversation. Conversations are the vehicle whereby sound decisions are made, commitments are built, and plans are successfully implemented.


Targeted Learning’s workshops are backed by decades of research and experience – as well as a written money-back guarantee. These workshops focus on a variety of leadership and professional development topics. Targeted Learning will customize any of its workshops to better meet the unique needs or time constraints of your organization. Learn More


To better serve the needs of our clients, Targeted Learning has made two of its most popular workshops available online. Our e-Solutions division provides powerful learning experiences that deliver maximum flexibility. Learn More


Targeted Learning’s experts are available to partner with your organization to develop and deliver learning resources that are tailored to the business needs of your organization. These services include keynote speeches, executive overviews, traditional classroom-based workshops, presentations, executive coaching and consulting services. Learn More