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Making a Difference Online Career Management Workshop

Overview: Career success, however you define it, depends on your ability to take control of your learning, performance and employability. This online workshop, consisting of five lessons, provides you with the tools and strategies you need to take charge of your career, thereby increasing your impact, job satisfaction and career vitality. It features interactive case studies, quizzes, activities and personal assessments. The primary output from this workshop is a personalized career development plan. However you define success, this program will help you achieve it. Learn More

Essential Conversations Online Workshop

Overview: This workshop is based on the premise that nothing truly great (significant, positive and enduring) happens in any organization until someone initiates a conversation. Day-to-day conversations are the primary vehicle whereby the work of an organization gets done. This course consists of an introduction and six interactive lessons that will help you master the conversations and skills you need to effectively manage your own performance and development. Learn More