Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Targeted Learning Workshop Categories

Employee Engagement and Feedback Workshops

Nothing truly great can happen in an organization without a conversation. These workshops will help you learn to give and receive effective feedback, set business goals, have vital conversations, and work better with those around you. These skills will help your organization communicate successfully and achieve your goals. Learn More

Career Management Workshops

To succeed in the workplace you must take control of your career. These workshops will help you learn to be an effective leader, understand how to accomplish your goals, take control of your success, and hit the highway for quick learning and progress. Whether you are a novice or a veteran in an organization, you can always take better control of your career. Learn More

Coaching and Mentoring Workshops

Organizations that thrive have leaders who can effectively train, mentor and help others. These workshops will help you coach those around you and mentor those in need. Targeted Learning can help you transfer knowledge in the workplace to prepare your organization for the future and to speed up your success today. Learn More

Professional Development Workshops

For individuals to succeed and reach their potential in their organization they must continually develop their abilities. These workshops will help you learn to positively influence others, develop necessary leadership skills and prepare presentations that will have a lasting effect. Targeted Learning can help you accelerate your career from good to great. Learn More