Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Career Management Workshops

Mastering My Career

Overview: The world of work is constantly changing. Some of the career management strategies that worked for you yesterday will not work for you tomorrow. To continue to thrive in the future, you will need to act differently. You will need to learn to align your talents and interests with the business needs of the organization. You will need to know how to become and remain a high performer without burning yourself out. Learn More

Career Leadership Skills

Overview: Talent engagement and retention are key issues facing organizations today. In this workshop leaders learn how to use career development as a vehicle for engaging and retaining talent. They also learn how to increase the employability and resilience of their people. Learn More

Quickstart for Protégés

Overview: The success of a mentoring relationship depends as much on the skills of the protégé as it does on the skills and experience of the mentor. Protégés must share responsibility for building successful working relationships with formal and informal mentors. They need to know how to tap into the unique experience and expertise of their mentors. They must know what they want to achieve if they are to make the most of the mentoring relationship. Learn More