Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Mastering My Career

In this workshop you will be given ideas and tools to help you develop greater career resilience and maximize your employability.

What you will learn: Career success, however you define it, depends on your ability to take control of your learning, performance and employability. You will leave this workshop with a concrete career plan for expanding your contributions to the success of the organization, while simultaneously achieving your own definition of career success. More specifically you will learn:

  • The strategies that will enable you to maximize your career vitality and resilience.
  • The nature of your talents and how to leverage them to maximize your performance and fulfillment.
  • How to build on your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
  • What your organization needs from you—but may not have communicated.
  • How to increase the value you create for the organization, and meet the escalating expectations of today’s workplace—without burning yourself out.
  • What you need to do to become and remain a top performer throughout your career.
  • How to avoid the plateauing trap and succeed in today’s flatter, less hierarchical organizations.
  • How to expand your contributions to the success of the organization—without waiting for a promotion or for someone to give you a bigger job.
  • How to remain motivated and keep learning when opportunities to move up or to a new job are limited.
  • How to create an effective career plan, and get the support you need to implement your plan.

Target Audience: Supervisors and Individual Contributors.

Duration: One day.

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