Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Quickstart for Protégés

At this workshop you will learn how to maximize the value of your mentoring relationships—for your benefit, your mentor’s benefit, and for the organization’s benefit.

What you will learn: The most enduring and value-added mentoring relationships are always reciprocal. Both parties bring value to the relationship and take responsibility for the success of the partnership. In this workshop you will learn how to collaborate with your mentor(s) for maximum mutual benefit. Specifically you will learn:

  • How to build a sustainable relationship by bringing unique value to the mentoring relationship.
  • The keys to world-class performance, and how your mentor can help you achieve that.
  • How to learn more in less time and have more fun doing so.
  • How to seek and receive feedback that will accelerate your growth and maximize your performance.
  • How to identify the most effective way to expand your impact in the organization—and how your mentor can help.
  • How to become and remain a high performer throughout your career.
  • How to create effective career and development plans and get the support you need to implement them.

Target Audience: Individual Contributors.

Duration: One day.

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