Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Coaching for Superior Performance

This workshop is based on our multi-industry research that identified five coaching roles that drive employee engagement and superior business results.

What you will learn: This workshop will give you simple, proven and practical approaches for effectively and efficiently engaging the talents and energies of your people. You will also receive 360-degree feedback to help you pinpoint your coaching strengths and then target opportunities to improve employee engagement, talent retention and business results. Specifically you will learn:

  • The five coaching processes that drive world-class performance. (Our research demonstrates that organizations that use these five coaching processes achieve shareholder returns that are 187% higher than those achieved by their competitors.)
  • How to use a strengths-based approach to effectively leverage the diverse talents and motivations of your people.
  • The job factors that have the greatest influence on the engagement, performance and growth of people—and how to use them.
  • The five questions that will raise the confidence, problem-solving abilities, and self-reliance of those you coach.
  • How to overcome the time barrier to coaching.
  • How to get people to receive your feedback as a gift rather than as a threat.
  • How to provide people with feedback that empowers and motivates.
  • Your strengths as a coach and a leader, and specific opportunities to expand your influence and impact as a leader.
  • How to help others create truly effective development plans that will accelerate their learning and significantly increase goal attainment.
  • How to motivate people and help them grow when the opportunities for regular promotions and the associated pay increases do not exist.
  • How to prevent people from stagnating when you need them to stay in the job long after they have mastered it.
  • How to get people acting like leaders and entrepreneurs, especially when they have been conditioned by past experience to merely follow orders.

Target Audience: Supervisors, Managers and other leaders who must get results through others.

Duration: One or two days. All our workshops can be tailored to best serve the organizations’ needs.

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