Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Employee Engagement and Feedback Workshops

Seven Conversations for Exceptional Leaders

Overview: Engaging and retaining talent is becoming ever more critical to an organization’s success. Organizations that learn how to engage and retain the talents and energies of their people will thrive. Those that don’t will face an uncertain future. This workshop is based on the premise that nothing truly great happens in any organization without a conversation. Conversations are the primary vehicle whereby leaders engage their people. Learn More

Seven Conversations for High-Impact Individuals

Overview: Let’s face it, thriving in the information age demands a lot from you. For example, you are expected to do more with fewer resources. You have to learn more in less time. To distinguish yourself you need to show more initiative and independent thought yet work more cooperatively with others. You need to give more thought to the long term despite less certainty about what tomorrow will bring. Whatever your goals or your position in the organization, this workshop will help you learn faster, work smarter and achieve more. Learn More

The Feedback Formula: Using Feedback to Achieve World-Class Performance

Overview: In today’s global economy, learning is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage for both individuals and organizations. And what is the greatest barrier to learning? Some would say innate talent or IQ. Others point to a lack of resources or qualifications. Research doesn’t support any of these answers. The greatest barrier to learning is the inability of people to seek, receive and give timely feedback. Learn More