Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Seven Conversations for High-Impact Individuals

What you will learn: Your effectiveness at work depends on more than superior technical skills. It also depends on your ability to secure information, access resources and enlist support from others – starting with your supervisor. Improving the quality of your day-to-day conversations will do more to drive your effectiveness and impact at work than any other single thing you can do. At this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Expand your impact in the organization without waiting for a new job or burning yourself out in the process.
  • Use feedback to learn, unlearn and relearn faster than ever before.
  • Give feedback and handle disagreements in ways that improve cooperation and goal attainment.
  • Use conversations to set business goals and secure the support you need to achieve exceptional results.
  • Create a development plan that will propel you into the ranks of top performers, and sustain you there.
  • Minimize the stress and fear associated with year-end reviews while maximizing the value for everyone involved.
  • Influence others and secure the resources and support you need to make great things happen at work.

Target Audience: Individual Contributors at all levels.

Duration: One or two days. All our workshops can be tailored to serve the unique needs of your organization.

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