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The Feedback Formula: Using Feedback to Achieve World-Class Performance

In this workshop you will learn how to handle your most important workplace conversations with confidence and skill. These include two conversations that will accelerate your learning and expand your impact at work. Specifically you will learn:

  • Why feedback is the key to world-class performance.
  • How to ask for and get the feedback you need to accelerate your learning and achieve your goals.
  • How to turn vague, unfair, inaccurate or unkind feedback into learning that will help you achieve even more.
  • How to give feedback that motivates, builds self-confidence, changes behavior and improves performance.
  • How to handle disagreements without being disagreeable or provoking defensiveness.
  • How to keep strong emotions (yours and theirs) from sabotaging your conversations and the intended outcomes.
  • How to create a culture where people are comfortable talking about problems – without fear of negative repercussions.

Target Audience: Individual Contributors at all levels.

Duration: One day.

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