Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Professional Development Workshops

How to Influence Others When You Are Not in Charge

Overview: In an extensive study of technical professionals, Targeted Learning identified several skills that separate the great performers from the good performers. Key among these skills was the ability to influence others over whom they had no formal authority. Learn More

Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals

Overview: In today’s fast-changing environment, organizations cannot afford an elitist notion of leadership: a notion that all organization success derives from the actions of a few key executives at the top of the organization. Neither can they afford to have a few people leading while all the rest follow. To maintain their competitive advantage, today’s organizations must engage the leadership potential of people at every level. Learn More

Powerful Presentations

Overview: The best ideas don’t always get implemented in organizations. It’s the ideas that are most effectively communicated that do. To make a significant difference in an organization, you must be able to communicate your ideas to groups in clear, engaging and persuasive ways. Learn More