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Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals

This workshop was designed to help technical professionals develop several sets of skills: skills to effectively lead while being led; skills to lead breakthrough product or process improvements; skills to initiate productive change from the local level rather than waiting for it to come from the top; skills to get things done through others without relying on formal authority.

What you will learn: This workshop will provide you with the tools and skills to mobilize the talents, energies and resources of others to achieve great things. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The five leadership roles that will set you apart as a top performer—regardless of your position, title or job description.
  • How to expand your contributions to the success of the company without waiting for a new job or a bigger assignment.
  • The ten bases of informal influence, and how to tailor your influence strategy to the mindset of the person you wish to influence.
  • How to deal with open resistance to your ideas, and how to get hidden resistance out into the open.
  • How to maximize your persuasiveness when presenting new ideas or proposals.
  • How to move a relationship or discussion from conflict to collaboration.
  • How to get the feedback you need to accelerate your growth as a leader.
  • How to create a development plan that will deliver significant improvement, and put you on the path to long-term leadership success.

Target Audience: Individual Contributors.

Duration: One or two days. All our workshops can be tailored to serve the unique needs of your organization.

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