Engage the Talents of Your Workforce


Powerful Presentations

In this workshop you will learn the keys to delivering powerful presentations—presentations that are memorable, that grab the attention of the audience, involve them, and change their actions and attitudes.

What you will learn: This workshop will give you the skills you need to engage, inform and persuade an audience. More specifically you will learn:

  • How to conquer stage fright.
  • How to captivate the audience’s attention from the start—and then keep them involved.
  • How to properly integrate stories that are instructive and entertaining.
  • How to link materials to the unique needs of participants.
  • How to apply the material to real-world situations.
  • How to make the complex simple.
  • How to smoothly transition between topics.
  • How to link the details to the big picture.
  • How to answer participant questions effectively.
  • How to demonstrate personal ownership for the message you’re sharing.
  • How to encourage audience participation, maximize retention, and get participants to apply the concepts to their unique situations.
  • How to keep your presentation on track when confronted with challenging questions, negative participants and unexpected situations.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to make presentations to groups.

Duration: One day.

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