Disengagement costs the US over $500,000,000 each year.
You Deserve Better!

“The organization that figures out how to engage the collective genius of its people will blow the competition away.”

Walter Wriston 
former chairman of Citicorp
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About Targeted Learning
For 20+ years we have successfully helped organizations to "Unleash the collective genius" of their people. 

Based on strong research and proven daily in the crucible of industry, we can change your world.
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“I’ve taken many seminars that sound great, but when I get back to my work environment, I find the material difficult to implement. I love that Targeted Learning provides a clear action plan to execute what we learned.” 
Participant in Career Leadership Skills workshop Stryker Orthopaedics
“I wish I had learned this five or ten years ago. It is particularly relevant in today’s fluid business environment.” 
“I thought the training was fantastic and whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone.” 

“I have been reinvigorated by this training. I now see ways I can effect change.”
Technical Leader
“I’ve been to more than 30 workshops on supervising people, and this is the best.” 
Cessna Aircraft

“The best treatment of this topic that I have ever experienced.” 
Line Manager 
British Petroleum
“Excellent. This workshop has been more useful than any other workshop I have ever attended.”  
Bell Helicopter
“Outstanding course. The content and structure combined to leave me feeling that it was a great use of my time. And that’s from someone who normally can’t sit through a one-hour meeting without climbing the walls.”
Cliff Langston
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